If you are planning your backpacker trip to Ibiza for 2019, you should definitively consider the time of the year for your visit.

It is always a good time to visit the white Island, but if you want to enjoy the most authentic vibe of Ibiza, the best you can do is to plan your trip between the months of April and November. That’s when you will find more events and activities to enjoy on the island. Although, winter has a lot of nice things to enjoy as well, of course.

Traveling to Ibiza during April: the island is just waking up

April is one of the best months of the year to travel to Ibiza as a backpacker. The most important reason is the low season, which means prices tend to be lower than during summer season. Also, April is the month of the year during which Ibiza wakes up from its winter hibernation, which fills the island with a very special energy. It is easy to notice that summer is close!

Traveling to Ibiza during May / June: It is time for the opening parties!

May and June are the perfect months to enjoy some of the most important events of the year in Ibiza: the opening parties. These openings are a meeting place for clubbers from all over the world, who come here with the intention of having a good time and dancing all night long. During May you can also enjoy a summer-like weather while the beaches are less crowded than during summer months.


Traveling to Ibiza during July / August: high season

If what you are looking for during your trip to Ibiza is to discover the most authentic side of the island, then maybe you should consider traveling during the high season months. July and August are the months of the year during which Ibiza receives the most people, which means that there will be all kinds of events and parties everywhere. Although, we warn you that it may be difficult deciding what to do during these months, there are so many events that it is not always easy to choose! On the other hand, the high demand during those months means that Ibiza becomes an expensive destination. Of course, you can always solve this issue by staying in a hostel in Ibiza.

Traveling to Ibiza during September / October: the tranquility returns to the Island

September and October are two of our favorite months to visit Ibiza. We believe that these months offer the best of winter and summer. During late September and early October you can enjoy the closing parties, the perfect way of ending the summer! Also, the weather is fresher than during July and August, so it is easier to spend the day on the beach or walking around the old town of Ibiza. Needless to say that during this time of the year the prices are lower and there are less people visiting the island, which means that you will be able to enjoy less crowded beaches.

We hope that this post will help you decide when you should plan your trip to Ibiza. Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza is the first and only hostel in the island, the perfect choice for those who wish to save some cash during their trip to the island, enjoy the many events and activities Ibiza has to offer, and keep themselves surrounded by nice people from all over the world. Are you coming in 2019?