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Amistat lsland Hostel Ibiza opens its doors for travellers to Sant Antoni City, from our staff we want to give you a great welcome to the island.
Sant Antoni is a beautiful town located on the west coast of the island, it is a famous holiday destination. We would like to offer a few pieces of advice on why you should choose Sant Antoni as a place to visit.

Sant Antoni is known for its sunset, there are many options available to take in this incredible view. Many people choose to sit along the shore with friends and loved ones or stop in at one of the bars close by, Café Mar or Café Mambo. Finally, one can choose to take one of the many boat trips which are available which take you off the coastline and provide only sun & sea, this viewpoint is magnificent.

A trip to Sant Antoni in May / June would provide you with a warm, relaxing experience. The town is starting to come alive for the busy periods in the summer.

October / September months are known to be the parties in Ibiza, the Island becomes filled with thousands of people who have travelled here to experience the great nightlife Ibiza has to offer.

ACTIVITIES in Sant Antoni


Holiday in Ibiza you don´t want to miss out on the most amazing water sport activity especially for those who are self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies.


Travel to Ibiza to explore the magical caves, these are located on the north side of the island and a trip here is welcomed when you need time to enjoy the peace and tranquillity which Ibiza also offers.
BEACHES near Sant Antoni.

Cala Salada

Located to 15 away by car, a hidden paradise away from the bus towns. Cala Salada provides clear blue water, white sand and all the ingredients for the perfect day at the beach.

Cala Gració

Located to 2 km from Sant Antoni this hidden gem is available for your pleasure and is not known to all visitors when they come to the island. When you arrive here, take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to travel to a place of total relaxation.

BAR & RESTAURANTS in Sant Antoni

Savannah Ibiza

Amazing service & delicious food, Savannah Bar is a must see place when you visit. The atmosphere here will guarantee you an unforgettable evening.

Café Mambo

We are sure that you have heard of this place, one of the most famous bars in Ibiza situated on the sunset strip. This is a must when staying in Ibiza, Café Mambo provides excellent entertainment, flying in the world’s best Dj’s to guarantee its customers are having the time of their life.
Sant Antoni is recognized as one of the best holiday destinations for sun, sea, sand and nightlight. When you leave this amazing island you will be bringing with you the memories of a lifetime.

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