Dreaming about experiencing everything Ibiza has to offer but unsure whether it’s a solo traveller destination? We get it – on first thought travelling by yourself can seem a little scary but this island is the best place to do it!

From discovering the rugged north coast of the island and the culture of Ibiza Town in the east to drinking the night away in Sant Antoni in the west, Ibiza has something to suit every type of solo itinerary. Even better, travelling solo means you are fully in control of your own schedule, can get out and about whenever and wherever you want and you can make your own rules!

Here are our top tips for discovering Ibiza as a solo traveller:


The best thing about travelling by yourself is being in full control of what you do and when. There’s no clashing heads over different ideas of that all important holiday itinerary. Mix up your time up on the island with some down days relaxing by the pool here with us at Amistat or on the beach (just a few minutes walk from our doorstep) and other days enjoying the Dalt Vila tour to the capital of Ibiza Town or water sport activities with other solo travellers you have met here.


It’s always best to do a bit of background research into the local area and have some idea of where you want to visit when you arrive. Being spontaneous is always great – none more so than when you’re travelling by yourself – but it’s important to have planned some of the basics when travelling alone. Book airport transfers in advance and map any excursions out of the local area that you may want do – remember to read reviews of companies and ensure they are verified before booking. Our friendly local team are always on hand to recommend the best places to eat, visit and experience depending on what you’re looking for – and are happy to show you them too!


Whether it’s your first time travelling solo or you’re an absolute pro, we get it can sometimes be nerve-wracking but honestly, you’ll never be alone when staying with us. We are a hub for meeting like-minded travellers and as we mentioned above, we’ve got a tonne of activities both at the hostel and around the island for you to get involved with and meet new people. From paddle boarding to pool party afternoons, daily boat parties to beach days, we’ve got an exciting array of excursions for all sun seekers looking for the same thing – the summer of a lifetime in Ibiza! For the adventure seekers, we also run a tour where you can meet your fellow outdoors lovers with a trip to Formentera – Ibiza’s sister island – and cycle through the island’s natural beauty. Basically, we have something for everyone and we are here to show you the best of Ibiza in no time.


If you’re coming to Ibiza, you want to experience our world-famous nightlife, right? To make sure you have a great night out safely, our team will be able to share their recommendations with you and link you up with other guests that are wanting to visit the same places! It’s also worth joining some of the Ibiza social media pages (including ours!) before you arrive as they will be updated with deals and information on many of the bars and restaurants across the island. They are also great for finding out which other solo travellers will be here at the same time as you.

Travelling solo can sometimes be overridden with safety fears but there is no better destination to make you feel more at home than Ibiza.

Ready to travel solo in Ibiza? Feeling excited about visiting soon? We are so ready to welcome you and ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. To find out more about our budget-friendly stays and daily activities, click here.