Are you planning your next getaway and Ibiza is among the choices for your next destination? In this article we have prepared a short list of reasons to come to Ibiza. Keep reading to find out more.

The beaches: The main reason to visit Ibiza for almost everyone are usually its amazing beaches and crystal clear calas with white sand. That makes a lot of sense considering Ibiza’s beaches are one of its main attractions, either for the many activities that take place and water sports you can practice, its chiringuitos and beach clubs, or because of the incredible sunsets.

The parties and clubs: Another main reason to visit Ibiza is its nightlife. The music, the parties and the clubs have located Ibiza among the best destinations for clubbers around the world. A trip to Ibiza without going out to experience its magical night life would be a waste. No matter what your favorite music style is, you will always find a party for you in Ibiza.

The gastronomy: Many cultures have merged in Ibiza, giving rise to a wide gastronomic diversity. You can find all kind of restaurants with different price ranges around the island. However, we recommend you to try out some of the culinary specialties of the island, such as dishes with rice and fish.

The culture: As we have already mentioned, there are many cultures that merge in Ibiza, as there were many civilizations that populated the island along the centuries. This has created a rich cultural heritage which increases even more Ibiza’s touristic value. You will find many museums around the island, such as the Punic Necropolis, the Archaeological Museum, or the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MACE). On top of that, there are also certain places which have been declared as world heritage site by the UNESCO, such as Dalt Vila’s Fortress, which is basically an open air museum you should definitively visit if you ever come to Ibiza.

The eternal hippie spirit: How would Ibiza be today if hippies hadn’t arrived to the island during the 60’s? Although things have changed a lot since then, there are many places around the island where you can still feel that hippie vibe from the 60’s and 70’s. It is not strange to still find some hippies living in Ibiza, particularly in the areas to the north such as San Carlos and Santa Eulalia. You can still the best of the hippie – bohemian side of the island in some of the small craft markets. We are sure you will love them!

There are many reasons to visit Ibiza, these are only some of our favorites. However, we are sure you will find an endless list of reasons according to your preferences to come and discover everything this wonderful and unique island has to offer.