If you ever traveled around the world as a backpacker, you know that there are a thousand ways to discover every corner. Since we know that the typical activities in every city guide are not enough for you, today we recommend five alternative and creative plans to enjoy a unique trip to Ibiza.  

Staying at a hostel:

Your alternative visit to Ibiza starts with staying at the first and only hostel in Ibiza: Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza. Maybe staying at a hostel doesn’t sound like something out of the ordinary, but believe us when we tell you it is not something that common in Ibiza, and we love being “the weirdos of the island.” We are sure you’ve Heard of the main advantages of staying at a hostel, among which we like to highlight the possibility of knowing people from all around the world, and the fun activities you’ll get access to during your stay.

Crafts workshop

If you are good at crafting things with your hands, we recommend surrounding yourself completely by Ibiza’s culture, through different crafts workshops: jewellery, decoration of Ibiza’s baskets (also known as senallons) or creation of espardeñas (Ibiza’s typical footwear). Aside from learning these crafting techniques, you’ll get the best 100% handmade souvenirs for your friends and family!

Photographic tours

For those who are passionate about photography, the choice of going around Ibiza’s best spots trying to take the perfect photo is an excellent plan. Ibiza Photo Tour organizes several photography workshops oriented towards getting to know the island.  Capture the best sunsets of the island, sail across Ibiza’s coastline to get the best shots, walk “camera in hand” around the most emblematic spots of Dalt Vila in the company of professional photographers. After this activity, you will definitively have the best photo album of your trip to Ibiza.

Workshop about Ibiza Herbs

If you are curious about Ibiza’s gastronomic culture, we recommend this workshop about the preparation of Ibiza herbs liquor. You will learn how to make this emblematic liquor, an essential part during every table talk in Ibiza.

Electronic music workshops

Music lovers, particularly electronic music, will find heaven on earth on the White Island. Don’t miss the chance of learning more about electronic music during your trip. Ibiza Blau Music is in charge of a workshop where professional and amateur musicians will find a fun way of learning how to make digital music. Crash courses of one or two weeks, individual or group lessons, or extensive workshops. Choose the one that suits you best and take Ibiza’s sound with you!

Discover more workshops and alternative activities to do in Ibiza on Ibiza Creativa’s website, and become a fan of creative tourism!