This is how our guests have lived this summer. And this is how they have shared it on their social networks!

We have just closed a season full of great moments and amazing memories. Thank you all for a wonderful summer in the only hostel in Ibiza! This article is dedicated to all of you. We want to highlight the best of this summer in our hostel in Ibiza, just the way you have shared it your social networks. These are some of the conclusions we made after observing the memories you have shared on your Instagram. Don’t forget to follow us! @Amistathostels

We have a hostel that is very Instagram worthy. Yes, there are many spots that you have chosen to post and make your friends green with envy. However, the winner for this year is definitively our new swing set, at least that’s what these pictures show:

He is having a terrible time…

Our guests have such hard times! (sarcasm). If there something you have done very well during this summer is to “blast” your social networks with pics like these ones. Maybe you have lost some followers after this… It wouldn’t be strange! 😉

Cocktails are always a good idea! Even better with a great company!

… And paella too! Because, if there is something our guests love, is our paella parties.

Porque si hay algo que gusta a nuestros huéspedes, son nuestras paella parties. It’s just that our paellas are very photogenic themselves, don’t you think?

This is a classic one… Girls just wanna have fun!!! Groups of girlfriends traveling together, girls who travel alone and make new friends… That’s what the #AmistatExperience is all about! Girls, you really made the most out of this summer. 😉

And guys too! Don’t stop the party!

One thing is very clear though. Good friends are forever… And if a trip has brought you together, no one is going to keep you apart…

And when it’s time to pack the suitcases… many refuse to leave the hostel… Some even threaten with dangerous weapons…

Others just get “glued” to the balcony of their room, refusing to go back home…

Look on the bright side… You can always come back to Ibiza! We’ll be waiting for you at Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza starting on april with a lot of good news. Ibiza 2019 will be waiting for you, and the #AmistatExperience too! 😉