If you are planning your trip to Ibiza and your budget is not that high, then pay attention to our advice! We will tell you how to save money on your trip to Ibiza. 

If you are traveling either by boat or by plane, the key to finding the best ticket price is by making a reservation well in advance. This will allow you to compare between different choices. Starting on April, Ibiza’s airport increases its activity as they start to receive flights from all around the world. If you are traveling from Barcelona, Valencia or Denia, maybe taking a boat is the least expensive choice, since it also allows you to travel with your own vehicle.

Save money when renting a motorbike or a car in Ibiza 

If you are planning to rent a car or a motor bike in Ibiza, don’t leave it for the last minute! During high season months many of the renting companies run out of vehicles. The best thing you could do is to rent one as soon as you get your flight ticket.

Save money on your accommodation:

Choosing a low-cost accommodation in Ibiza is one of the most important aspects to consider if you don’t want to exceed your budget. Since most places to stay on the island are luxury hotels, one of the most economic choices would be to stay at a hostel in Ibiza. Aside from saving money, it will also give you the chance of cooking your own food, or enjoy leisure activities while meeting other fellow travelers in the process.

Save money eating like a local in Ibiza:

If you don´t have a big budget for your trip to Ibiza, it is important that you stay away from the most touristic areas when it is meal time; eating on the beach during the summer is usually a very expensive choice. If you want to save money, we recommend you to go to the bars and restaurants located on the side of the road to each beach or cala, or to get some snacks if you go to a picnic. At night you should avoid the restaurants located near the city center. Our advice for you is to find the residential areas and ask for the Monday to Friday menu on cafés and restaurants if you want to eat well and for a fair price.