In case you are having doubts while planning your trip to Ibiza, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know in order to make the most out of your experience in the White Island; a destination that will surprise you with its infinite possibilities, even beyond what you have heard so far.

When to travel to Ibiza: this may be the most important question you should ask. Even though you can travel to Ibiza during any time of the year, your experience will be different depending on the moment you choose to visit the Island. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, and you want to enjoy Ibiza´s nature in a relaxed way, we recommend you to travel during the months of April, May, September or October. However, if you are more interested in discovering Ibiza’s wild side and its well-known nightlife, it is better to travel to Ibiza during the summer months.

The budget for your trip to Ibiza: we are sure you have heard Ibiza is one of the most expensive destinations in Spain; however, that’s not a reason to turn your back on it. One of the best details about the island is the wide variety of choices it has to offer. If your budget to travel to Ibiza is a little tight, we advise you to choose a low-cost accommodation (a hostel), saving money by preparing your own meals instead of eating in expensive restaurants, and find out about the best leisure options. You don’t need to pay 70 euros for a club entrance.

How to move around Ibiza: the best choice to move around the island is to rent a car or a motorcycle. With the motorcycle, you can get to more remote places, and you would not have trouble when parking in Ibiza or San Antonio. Renting a car is perfect if you come with a group of your friends or if you are willing to share the ride with other travelers.

Ibiza’s nightlife: if you want to discover Ibiza’s famous nightlife, we recommend you to do a little research beforehand about the choices that adapt best to your preferences. The clubs offer different parties every day of the week, each of them directed towards a different audience based on the theme of the party, its decoration or its music style. Once you have made sure of the dates of your trip, make a selection of the parties that adapt the most to your preferences – and your pockets.

The best beaches on the island: the one thing you cannot miss in Ibiza, are, of course, its beaches. We can’t tell you which one is the most beautiful to visit, but one of its most amazing areas because of its calas and its beaches is the Northwest coast, where you can find virgin beaches with crystal clear waters such as cala Conta, cala Saladeta or Punta Galera, -among many more-. Aside from that, this part of the island is famous for its beautiful sunsets.