During the past few years Ibiza has become a must-visit spot for art lovers. It is not surprising that the largest one of the Pitiusas Islands serves as inspiration for all kinds of artists. As a result, many galleries have established in the Island, creating an interesting combination of regular and traveling expositions where there is something for every taste. These are some of the shows you cannot miss this summer:

  1. La nave de Salinas: One of the most notorious art shows for this season is Keith Haring’s, located at Ibiza’s old salt-producing ship, refurbished into a space for art by the patron Lío Malca, who has transformed this space into a pop art tribute.
    Keith Haring


  2. P|ART IBIZA, Santa Eulalia: On this art gallery/store, you can find all kinds of exhibitions and art shows: photography, painting, sculpting, fashion… a must for art lovers in Ibiza.
  3. B12 The Gallery: One of the recently known artistic places in Ibiza. Since its opening in 2011, there have been shows from national and international artists. This ship also serves as a stage for all kinds of cultural events, from fashion shows to live concerts and music shows.
  4. Far de Ses Coves Blanques (San Antonio): Possibly one of the nicest art shows in Ibiza Island. Located very close to Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza, it is a light house from where you can have a nice view of San Antonio bay.
  5. Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza: You cannot miss a visit to the headquarters of Contemporary Art in Ibiza. Located inside Ibiza’s Fortress, on this museum you will find regular and travelling expositions for every taste. Take a look here: https://www.eivissa.es/mace/

    Museo Arte Contemporaneo
  6. Ventana Contemporary: on this room located at Marina Botafoch, we will find works from several international artists who are very different from each other. Besides, they also showcase and sell jewelry.
  7. Outdoor art galleries: aside from these ones, and many more art shows, we can also find certain spots around the Island where there are outdoor art pieces for everyone to enjoy. This is the case of cala Llentía, one of the most hidden beaches in Ibiza, where we can find two amazing works of art. The first one consists of two doors decorated with Arabic patterns situated in front of each other, simulating a room with no walls which leads the attention towards an amazing view of Es Vedrá Island.  After walking a few steps we find ‘Time and Space’, an outstanding piece of art made out of twelve giant concrete monoliths which make up a circle where we find another column with a gold top. There are many urban legends around this monument: it is a compass for UFO’s, a sun clock… Although the actual meaning of this work, brought to this spot by the patron Guy Laliberté (Founder of Circo del Sol), is still unknown.