Hello backpackers! Today in our blog we would like to share with you our passion for traveling and hostel life, the two main reasons that inspired us to open this season Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza: the first and only hostel in Ibiza. After traveling the world, we could not figure out why that choice was not available on the White Island. Today we’ll tell you some of the reasons why it is worth staying at a hostel during your trip to Ibiza.


  1. You will meet people from all over the world: Ibiza is a place where it is particularly easy to meet new people. It is a small Island full of young people who want to have a good time as much as you do. But if you choose to stay at a hostel during your trip to Ibiza, you will be able to make friends to explore the Island with from minute 1.


  1. Free leisure time activities: At most hostels they usually organize leisure time activities so that backpackers get to know each other and have a good time. Dancing or cooking lessons, sports, videogame contests… If you decide to stay at a hostel during your trip, you will have to save some time every day to have fun with the other guests.


  1. You can choose the kind of room that works best for you: you don’t have to share a room if you don’t want to. In most hostels you can choose between single and double rooms and four, six or ten bed dorms, these may have a private or shared bathroom. The girls can also choose to stay in a -girls only- room. Aside from that, if there is something we love about staying at hostels, it is the common areas. They are usually the best place to rest after a long beach day or a party night.



  1. You will discover the secret spots of the Island: if you like to avoid large groups of people, then your best choice to discover Ibiza is to take advice from locals. Something particular about mostly every hostel staff, it is defectively their kindness and closeness. Ask our staff members about Ibiza’s secret calas, the best excursions, and the most popular parties among locals. You will discover the most authentic side of the Island.


  1. Saving money: since Ibiza is such an expensive destination, it is a luxury to save some money on your stay. When you stay at a hostel you can even avoid spending money on food, because most of them have a kitchen available for guests to use. If saving money is something you are worried about while planning your trip to Ibiza, here are a few of the trip offers currently available. Discover the least expensive way to travel to Ibiza 😉