Ibiza is an excellent destination for all sport lovers. Those who are daring enough will be able to test their adrenaline with many activities on the island. Today we will talk to you about 10 sports you can practice in Ibiza.

  1. Diving (or snorkel): The bravest ones will have a lot of fun diving, and those who rather stay close to the surface will also be able to enjoy the sea floor by practicing snorkel. There are several diving schools in Ibiza, and at Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza we organize excursions to practice snorkel around the heavenly calas of Ibiza.
  2. Windsurf: people who are strong and have a good sense of balance can always try windsurf, one of the most popular sports of the island.
  3. Kite Surf: Kite Surf lovers gather on the beaches of cala Martina or Cala Nova on the windiest days. Although it is most common to practice this sport in Ibiza during winter, it is also possible to watch kitesurfers flying over the waves during summer time.
  4. Paddle Surf: a perfect sport to exercise and to explore the most beautiful spots of Ibiza’s coast at the same time. Paddle surf will get you to caves, hidden calas, natural swimming pools… and the best part is that due to the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea, it is super easy to practice this sport in Ibiza.
  5. Yoga: Ibiza is a place that inspires peace and has a very special vibe to it. Maybe that’s the reason why the island has drawn the interest of many yogis from all around the world for a while now.
  6. Horse riding: exploring Ibiza’s coast on a horse’s back is definitively one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy in Ibiza.
  7. Climbing: the brave ones –and those who are not afraid of heights- will find a lot of spots where to practice climbing. One of the most impressive ones is la Pedrera at Cala d’Hort, commonly known as “Atlantis”.
  8. Kayak: a perfect sport for almost anyone who likes to paddle. Caves, calas, unforgettable sunsets… Get on a kayak and discover a different Ibiza.
  9. Cycling: Ibiza can be quite a paradise for cycling lovers, who will be able to choose from different routes for different kinds of skills.
  10. Trekking: perfect for spring or autumn, practicing this sport is very popular among tourists. You can choose between routes that cover the coast or the interior of the island, in any case you will be surprised by the amazing views.