If you are planning on traveling to the Catalonian capital, then this is the perfect excuse to go for it: celebrate the Night of San Juan in Barcelona! On June 23 one of the most special parties of the city takes place, known by many as “The Night of the Witches”. In this article, we tell you all about the best choices to enjoy to the fullest the Night of San Juan in Barcelona.

– The Night of San Juan starts at Plaza de Sant Jaume (Barcelona) on the evening of June 23 with the arrival of the Canigó flame. After that, they will take the flame to the different districts and beaches of Barcelona, where later on they will light the famous bonfires.

Bonfires at the beach: The typical activity during the Night of San Juan is to light a bonfire on the beach and enjoy a barbecue with friends. Just a few steps away from Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona, you can find Bogatell beach: a perfect spot to watch the bonfires and enjoy the best vibe for the Night of San Juan. The famous Barceloneta beach is also one of the most emblematic places to enjoy the Night of San Juan.

– If you want to have dinner, try coca de San Juan with candied fruit. If you want to celebrate the Night of San Juan like a local, don’t forget to try the famous coca the San Juan for dinner.

– Party until the sunrise: The Night of San Juan is the shortest night of the year and its celebration welcomes the summer season. For that reason, the party lasts until early morning on the beaches, although most people continue the celebration on the city’s pubs and clubs. So, if you are lucky enough to travel to Barcelona to celebrate the Night of San Juan, forget about sleeping that night!