The streets full of color, the cultural mix, the people… there are many factors that make Barcelona one of the most Instagram – Worthy cities of the world. Instagram enthusiasts who are planning to travel to Barcelona are in luck. Today we are taking a walk with our smartphone in hand searching for the most Instagram – Worthy spots in Barcelona. Are you joining us?

La Boquería Market

Our Instagramers route through Barcelona starts in the famous market La Boquería. The smells mix together in this place, almost as much as shapes and colors do, creating a scene that will make foodies crazy. Instagramers won’t resist capturing the rainbow-like imagery of its fruits and vegetable stands.

Casa Batlló

La Casa Batlló is, along with La Sagrada Familia one of the architectural treasures of Gaudí. Its Modernist façade is an absolute work of art, and its colorful rooms in its interior make it irresistible to take endless pictures. For all that and more, this is one of the most popular spots in Barcelona to be featured on Instagram.

Las Ramblas

Another place every tourist in Barcelona should visit is Las Ramblas. You can find a constant parade of people from all over the world almost at any time through these streets. Locals and tourist alike walk every day through this place filled with mimes, street artists, souvenir stores and ice cream or flower stands. The visual spectacle is at sight. Get your camera ready!

Güell Park

The Güell Park is located in the north area of the city of Barcelona and it is another one of Gaudí’s masterpieces. Its gardens and labyrinths are an authentic paradise for Modernism enthusiasts. The monumental area is decorated with countless tiles of different colors, inviting the visitor to immortalize the moment with a picture. It is almost essential to take a selfie with the famous salamander at the staircase, which has become in one of the most important symbols of the park.

Miró Museum

The Joan Miró Museum in Monjuic has some of the most famous works of the Catalonian artist. To enter the museum is like taking a vitality shower. With a unique vision of the world and his use of bold colors and organic shapes, Miró became one of the most important figures in the world of Art. Currently, the Miró Foundation exhibits around 15.000 pieces of art: over 8.000 drawings, 217 paintings, and 178 ceramic sculptures, textiles or graphic works. Give a surrealistic twist to your Instagram feed by visiting this museum.