Some of the most asked questions we receive through our social networks are regarding how much money you need to travel to Barcelona, or if Barcelona is an expensive destination. That’s why today we will give you a rough estimate for your budget to travel to Barcelona as a backpacker. Although there are more expensive choices, we will focus in the most accessible ones.

In order to estimate the budget we will take into account the key expenses that most travelers have when they travel to Barcelona: accommodation, food, event tickets, transportation… We are about to talk about each one in detail:

Accommodation prices in Barcelona: as you already know, staying in a hostel in Barcelona is one of the least expensive choices. If you want to sleep in a shared room in a hostel, you can find prices between 10 and 25 euros a night approximately.

Ticket prices for the main monuments and museums of Barcelona: just like in most cities, you need to pay for a ticket if you want to visit many of the must-see places in Barcelona. A great choice for those who wish to visit Barcelona’s cultural places is to obtain the Barcelona Pass, which includes the entrance to 20 of the most important touristic attractions around the city. If you prefer buying some of the tickets separately, these are the prices:

La Sagrada Familia: ticket price 15€ or 29€ if you want to visit the towers.

La Pedrera: starting at 22€.

Park Güell: starting at 7€.

National Museum of Art: starting at 12€.

Eating out at bars and restaurants in Barcelona: a great choice to save money on your trip to Barcelona is buying food at the super market and cooking at the hostel. By doing so you will be able to cover all of your meals for the day with a 5 to 15 euros budget. But if you wish to discover the local cuisine, we invite you to visit some of the typical bars and pubs where you can have tapas for dinner or enjoy a menu of the day for only 10 euros. It is important to find the bars or restaurants where the locals eat, prices are usually higher in touristic areas.

Prices for the public transportation in Barcelona: the Condal City is one of those places where you could walk for hours without getting tired, which is why we always advice people to simply walk as much as they can. However, due to the city’s large size you will also need to use another type of transportation. Barcelona has a very complete transportation system, and you will be able to move around the most important points of interest in the city by subway or by bus. In this link, we talk in detail about the prices of the public transportation in Barcelona. A great choice for those who visit the city is the Turibus, which for only 30 euros will take you around the most important places in Barcelona, with the choice of getting off and on the bus as you like. Also, the ticket price is 2.20 euros for a single trip on the subway or on a city bus.

How much would you spend on average during a day in Barcelona?

Considering all of the expenses we have mentioned in this article (accommodation, food, transportation, touristic activities), we estimate that a backpacker may spend around 40 to 80 euros a day in Barcelona. Although, of course, everything will depend on how you plan your trip. We hope this article will be useful when you are planning your budget for your trip to Barcelona!