Are you planning on traveling to Barcelona in 2019? The city is a perfect destination throughout the entire year, it has a nice weather as well as a lively setting. But it could be even better if you are lucky enough to travel during a time when some of the best events take place in the city! There are activities to suit all tastes: sport events, music events, cultural events… In this article we tell you about the best events that will take place in Barcelona during 2019.

The best sport events in Barcelona during 2019: 

Soccer, Basketball, handball… If sports are your thing, don’t miss the opportunity of attending at least one soccer match of the different teams of the Barça. You can check the ticket prices on their website .

March 10, 2019: if you are one of those people who travel around the world to watch each marathon, you can’t miss the Barcelona Marathon of 2019. It starts at the Avinguda de La Reina María Cristina. 

May 10, 2019 – May 12, 2019: The Formula 1 fans can’t miss the Formula 1 Grand Prix, an event that will take place from May 10 to May 12 in the Catalonian track of Montmeló, which is only 20 km away from Barcelona.

December 21: The San Silvestre Road Race. One of the most entertaining road races in Barcelona takes place the last day of the year. The point is to close the year with a race in order to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with a hype. Unlike the marathon, the length of the race is only 10 k, which means that the less experienced participants are also welcome.

The best music events of 2019 in Barcelona

May 30, 2019 – June 01, 2019: Primavera Sound Festival. One of the most popular music and art festivals in Barcelona. Stay alert about the changes in the line-up, which will be published on the festival website within the next coming months.

July 18, 2019 – July 20, 2019: the Electronic Music Festival Sónar is a landmark when it comes to electronic music, creativity and technology, and it is one of the most important events that take place in Barcelona each year. Check out the schedule for 2019 by clicking this link.

September 25: La Mercè Festival. “La Mercè” takes place each year in Barcelona during the second half of September. It is one of the most popular street festivals and it is also known as the “Fiesta Mayor” of Barcelona. Over 2.000.000 people come to the festival each year, gathering in different locations around the city to enjoy the numerous musical, cultural and art activities of the festival.

The date is yet to be confirmed for the Barcelona Jazz Festival. This festival gather the best of this music genre from Spain and from beyond our borders. Stay alert for upcoming updates about the most important Jazz event in Barcelona by visiting the festival’s website.

The best cultural events of 2019 in Barcelona

April 4-7, 2019: Barcelona International Comic Fair. The 37th edition of the Barcelona International Comic Fair will have many important guests. Publishing exhibitions, contests, monographic exhibitions, graphic novels, sci-fi and fantasy comics, are only a few of the activities you can find in this mandatory gathering for comic lovers.

Barcelona Film Festival

April 23, 2019: Cinema lovers have an appointment they cannot miss in Barcelona.  Barcelona Film Fest (Or Sant Jori’s International Film Festival) is one the most important events regarding Film Awards in the national scene. It is made with the intention of advertising and promoting cinema culture and it has a schedule which combines avant-garde movies with a more popular oriented type of cinema.

May 19, 2019: Barcelona Museum Night is an invitation to walk around the city and visit any museum of the Catalonian capital. An event you cannot miss if you are interested in the Catalonian culture.

October 31 –November 3, 2019: Barcelona Manga Fair, the most important convention about anime, manga and Japanese culture in Europe.

This has been our selection of the best events that will take place in Barcelona during 2019! We will publish more information through our blog and through our social networks, including more details about all of the different events that take place in Barcelona during each month.