Artists from all genres are coming together from all over the world for the 17th year to preform at one of the largest music festivals in Barcelona, The Primavera Sound Festival. From May 30- June 1, come listen to all your favorite artists and discover your new favorites from around the world.


From Cardi B to Carly Rae Jepson from the United States to J Balvin of Colombia, join 226 of the best artists. Who else is going to be there? Check out the lineup at


The Primavera Sound Festival is a three day music festival located in Barcelona, Spain with all the biggest artists from all over the world.

Having any safety doubts? Primavera Sound Festival has many safety measures to keep everyone safe. The No Callem campaign is backed by the Barcelona Town Hall and all the venues and festivals from the city. This campaign is a protocol of action against sexual harassment during the festival.


Monday May 27- Primavera a la Ciutat

Tuesday May 28- Primavera a la Ciutat

Wednesday May 29- Primavera a la Ciutat

Thursday May 30- Parc del Fòrum

Friday May 31- Parc del Fòrum

Saturday June 1- Parc del Fòrum

Sunday June 2- Primavera a la Ciutat

*Main stage is Parc del Fòrum


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Although the main days of the Festival are Thursday May 31 through Saturday June 1, there will be performances throughout the whole week of May 27, 2019.


Go buy your tickets at All tickets are on sale right now except for the VIP Full Festival Tickets as they are sold out.

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Primavera Sound Festival • By Jocelyn Spitz • April 2, 2019