So, you have made the decision to travel solo. Congratulations, you have made the first step on your journey! Making this decision was very brave of you, but that doesn’t mean you are fearless. Now that reality has set in, you are a bit nervous about how you will meet people during your travels. Just because you are setting out on your own does not mean that you want to spend your whole trip by yourself.

Meeting people out in a bar would be a great idea for someone who is outgoing, but for someone a bit on the shyer side like me, this is very difficult. That is why I choose to stay in hostels. Hostels are a great way to meet other travelers, as they often house a lot of other solo travelers with the same goal as you… to make friends from all around the world! Hostels are also a great place for travelers on a budget such as myself.

Along my journey I have never had an easier time meeting other travelers as I have during my stay at Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona. When looking for a hostel in Barcelona, I was on the hunt for something with a fun and friendly vibe, and I found that with Amistat. Amistat means friendship in Spanish, and you can really feel the friendly environment from the moment you walk in the door. There are plenty of colorful common spaces to sit and chat with other travelers. On the wall of the lobby, you will see a giant calendar with fun activities that the hostel has planned for the week, including a tour of Barcelona’s night life every evening.

A few nights a week, Amistat offers a paella dinner at the hostel, allowing visitors to get a taste of the local cuisine. Let me tell you… it is delicious! Chef Antoni did a fabulous job! Not only is he a great cook, but he is great company too! Antoni stayed and ate with us, teaching us about what to look for in a good paella and just chatting about things to do in Barcelona. Dinner was also a perfect opportunity to talk with some other travelers that were staying at the hostel.

The following day I joined Amistat’s beach volleyball event. The trip included a handful of other solo travelers from all around the world including England, the United States, Italy and Paraguay! The competitive spirit of the game was a great way to make friends and I left with contact information of the people that I met in order to meet up with them again that night. Staff member Patricja was also super friendly and happy to stick around and chat with us after we were done playing.

Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona is truly a great place to stay if you are looking for a cheap hostel in Barcelona. It is the perfect place to meet other people and explore the city of Barcelona and all it has to offer. With friendly staff and multiple opportunities every day to meet travelers, I can say that I am very grateful for my Amistat experience!