While planning your trip to Barcelona I am sure you heard all about tapas, but now that you are here, where should you go to try them?

Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona has got you covered! Amistat will help to set you up with the best tapas tour in Barcelona with Sandemans New Europe!

This tapas experience tour will take you to three different restaurants for the best tapas and drinks. Your tour guide will explain the difference between tapas and pintxos, and tell you what the most traditional versions of each are.

First, we went to Txirimiri for pintxos. Boy, were there a lot of pintxos! Our tour guide Ivan was an expert on the dishes and picked up each one explaining what it was. Then, decision time! We each got one tapa and a drink included in the price of the tour, but many people ended up going back and trying more. I myself had one with different cheeses and an apricot jam. It was delicious!

From there we went to Segons Mercat for a few different tapas. Here we got to try traditional pan con tomate, or bread with tomato, ham croquettes, and the famous patatas bravas, which are a must have during your trip. We also were given another drink to go with our food.

Just as important as the food, the company was also great! Since you are staying at a hostel in Barcelona, you are probably interested in meeting other travelers, and this tour really allows you to do just that! Here you can meet travelers of all different ages and backgrounds. At each stop you sit at a different table and meet someone new, making friends every time.

Finally, we went to El Nou Ramonet to try another traditional tapa; la bomba. This stop was the most fun of all because we got to learn how to drink from a porron! First, we practiced with water in order to get the hang of it. Then, we got to move on to sangria, many of us covering our clothing with napkin bibs for protection. Our guide Ivan was a pro of course, making the rest of us look silly. We all had such a good time laughing together!

After the tour was over, Ivan actually brought us to a bar in order keep the night going longer. Nearly everyone on the tour came along as we had already had such a great time together that evening. Ivan stuck around to answer any questions and hang out and travelers laughed and played pool while drinking more sangria.

If you are looking to try traditional Spanish cuisine, this tour is not to be missed! Let Amistat Beach Hostel Barcelona help you schedule your experience today!