On April 23 takes place the celebration of the saint patron of Catalionia, Saint Jordi. The popular party is all about culture and love, which are represented by books and roses.

Legend has it that a dragon lived in Montblanc, and that it used to create havoc in the nearby town. To calm him down, each year they would choose a villager through a raffle, where the winner was eaten by the monster. Until one day, the winner was the king’s daughter, who was saved thanks to the brave knight Jordi, who was brave enough to slay the dragon. According to the tradition, a red rosebush was born out of the blood spilled from the dragon…

Probably there isn’t anything true about this legend. Actually, the celebration started as a way of worshiping Sant Jordi. He was ordered by the emperor Diocletian to give chase to the Christians, but he refused and ended up being decapitated. They soon started worshiping Sant Jordi as a martyr. Whatever reason there is behind this popular party in Catalonia, there is no doubt that this massive party is a very special opportunity to visit Barcelona.

The most important areas during the celebration of Sant Jordi are la Rambla, the Paseao de Gracia, the heart of the city of Barcelona. The area becomes crowded with flower and book stands. Following the tradition, lovers usually give each other books and roses, so you can usually see many couples walking around the city during that day.

If you visit Barcelona during Sant Jordi’s day, we recommend you to pay a visit to the Palace of the Generalitat. In this place, they celebrate an open door bazaar where you can find many flower stands that donate to charity. On Saint Jordi’s day you can also enjoy live concerts or popular dance performances, such as the sardana, among many more popular activities. To sum up, this huge Catalonian party is a perfect opportunity to discover the city of Barcelona under a more authentic perspective. Enjoy celebrating Sant Jordi’s day in Barcelona!