Las Ramblas is an emblem of Barcelona, it is 1.2 Km to the first port of this city.  Tourists make their way to the with a walk through Las Ramblas.

Las Ramblas is divided into 5 sections, each section has their own story to tell.

Rambla of Canaletes is located at the top of Las Ramblas beside Cataluña square. Canalete´sFountain has an emblem, this can be seen as soon as you begin your trip into las Ramblas.Rambla de los estudios, when you travel through this part you will find the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts recognized as the old General Study or University and also known as the bird´s market. Academic studies took place here many years ago. In 1891 an electric clock was installed which continues to display the official time in Barcelona.

Rambla de las flores, it is filled with vibrant colors and glorious smells which send your sensations into overdrive. This was the only place in the 19th century in Barcelona which sold flowers and this tradition remains in full force today.

We should to make a stop in Sant Josep´s Market, it is place where we have to look on different kind fresh product. It is colorful market with over 300 little shop, we would say. It is complicated not find a product that we are being looking for. The boqueria market is other obligation tourist point in your Trip to Barcelona.

Before to keep going through of Las ramblas, we should mention, two areas very popular in Barcelona. The Gotic & Raval´s streets. A species of maze with restaurant, shops, hostels in Barcelona to enjoy it.

Rambla de los Capuchinos, also knows as center of ramblas. It was given this name for a Monastery of friars. We will find the Grand Theater of the Opera of Barcelona.

To finish this travel through of las ramblas, we arrive to Rambla de Santa Mònica, knows for Statue of Colon. It is the begining the walks of Barceloneta. We will arrive to the principal port of Barcelona.

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