The end of the summer is a great time of the year to travel to Barcelona. With nice temperatures and the start of the school year, Barcelona is full of college students from everywhere. There are also many celebrations that take place in the city during this time. Pack your bags because we are giving you 5 good reasons to visit the Catalonian capital during September or October!

  1. A perfect weather to walk around town

We start by talking about the weather because it is one of the main reasons that make September and October the perfect time to travel to Barcelona. After some very hot months to walk around town since the sun is still hot during these months.

  1. Young vibe

With the start of the school year, Barcelona is crowded with college students from Spain and from all over the world. The city is one of the favorite destinations of the Erasmus students, which gives Barcelona the perfect vibe to go around town during the day or at nighttime. Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing with your own eyes what they always say: “Barcelona never sleeps”!

  1. Parties in Barcelona

Great weather and an even better vibe… Can you ask for anything else? We do. During the months of September and October, there are some of the most important patronal feasts in Barcelona, such as the National Day of Catalonia (September 11), or the celebration of La Mercè (September 24), which lasts several days and includes acts such as concerts, parades, and fireworks. On October 31, they don’t only celebrate Halloween in Barcelona, but also the Castanyada (the chestnut party).

  1. The start of the football league

There is a recession in the football league during the summer.  But this time of the year, football fans – and especially the F.C. Barcelona fans can enjoy one of the most exciting events of the Camp Nou. Find a weekend in which the Barça plays at home and live an exciting night.

  1. The best prices

That makes it easier to go to the main monuments and touristic places of town (without long lines or congestions) while enjoying lower accommodation prices. It is the perfect time of the year for those who want to travel to Barcelona on a low budget.